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NZFOA Registered


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Safety is of extreme importance, particularly in the workplace, although also when out biking, changing a car tyre, or simply to find an adult or child in a crowd.

QDL Gear Ltd can help. We specialize in Hi Vision Clothing and customers can be rest assured that our clothing will meet safety standards as we are NZFOA registered.

Hi Vision is a registered trademark with an excellent track record for quality, durability and long lasting print. We are able to accompany our well known chevrons (Fluro stripes) with or without your company logo and/or reflective if required for low light conditions.

We supply an assortment of clothing from singlets, T-shirts and polo shirts including childrens, through to woollens and polar fleece. A variety of jackets and vests including wet weather gear, logger jackets and mapping vests are also available. If you require specific items we are more than happy to endeavour to locate these for you.

Anywhere you need to be seen we are here to help.